Prototyping and Testing

A vital element in the development of a new product is the prototype.  It is the first example of an invention demonstrating form, fit and function.  As a working model, it verifies the design with respect to tolerances and fit, ease of assembly, appearance, ergonomics and functionality under operating conditions.  In short, the prototype converts an idea to practice.

At HAPS EC we work with prototype shops, machine shops, plastic molders and fabricators, sheet metal shops, welders, and electrical & mechanical technicians to expedite the prototype fabrication quickly and effectively.

HAPS EC has prototype testing of components and assemblies also in its portfolio. This will help our customers to arrive at design solutions in a single step by partnering with us.  We have tied up with major certifying agencies and test shops for conducting such activities. Typical testing projects include static / dynamic loadings, durability testing, NVH testing, crashworthiness testing, Halt test etc.